Daily Devotions


Day 238

"The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalm 27:1

Text: Exodus 25 : 31-40


Imagine walking through the wilderness without light! That would be unthinkable! The provision of Light was not to take for granted! The pillar of fire gave Israel all the light it needed for guidance and for reasons of safety!

But there was another important thing that light represented- spiritual illumination! God had given Israel a rare and special gift! He had given them His laws that brought great enlightenment to the nation!


A beautiful lampstand would be specially crafted to capture the symbol of God’s light of both physical and spiritual light!

“You shall also make a lampstand of pure gold;
the lampstand shall be of hammered work. It’s shaft,
its branches, its bowls, its ornamental knobs, and flowers
shall be of one piece. And six branches shall come out of its sides;
three branches of the lampstand out of one side,
and three branches of the lampstand out of the other side…

Their knobs and their branches shall be of one piece;
all of it shall be one hammered piece of pure gold.

You shall make seven lamps for it, and they shall arrange its lamps
so that they give light in front of it. And its wick-trimmers and
their trays shall be of pure gold. It shall be made of a talent of
pure gold, with all these utensils.”
EXODUS 25:31-39

Once again the element of ubiquitous gold was to be used unsparingly for the crafting of this lampstand! Was light to be appreciated and treasured? Then gold would be the appropriate element used.


Moses needed all the time he could get to understand all these things that God wanted him to do. He would first have to comprehend all these instructions before he could carry them out fully. Forty days and forty nights do not seem too long now! The details that God went into would require time to understand and to master.

“And see to it that you make them according
to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain.”
EXODUS 25:40

After obtaining all these instructions, Moses would have to look for highly skilled artisans who could create all these Tabernacle artifacts! Could he find them?