Daily Devotions


Day 228

"For from the rising of the sun, even to its going down, My name shall be great among the Gentiles." Malachi 1:11a


The worship of God is much more than an event that takes place! In the days of the patriarch, a simple altar of earth or natural stone would have sufficed. However, the new form of worship was designed differently! God had a divine plan in mind when He spoke to Moses.


Whereas the patriarchs set up temporary altars, God was now contemplating a permanent place of worship.

“And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I
may dwell among them.”

1. “And let them make Me a sanctuary”

God had not spoken to any of the patriarchs on this subject! He was satisfied with the worship Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had given him. But now He had asked for a “sanctuary” to be made!

a) What is “a sanctuary?”
The following elements are associated with the word “sanctuary”.
i) It will be a “sacred place” set apart for the worship of God.
ii) It will be a place of refuge to all who flee there.
iii) It will represent the Presence of God.
b) Why did God ask for a sanctuary to be built?
The following thoughts may be considered.
i) Permanence is in mind.
ii) The promise of God to settle Israel is now fulfilled.
iii) The children of God now have an opportunity to express their love for God.

2. “That I may dwell among them”

Does God need a physical sanctuary to dwell among His people? Of course not! What then does it mean to speak of God desiring to dwell in an earthly sanctuary made by man? Let us ponder the following thoughts:-

a) God seeks to honour those who worship Him.
b) God seeks to give special assurance of His personal Presence among His people.
c) God seeks to be as fully identified with His people as possible,
d) God seeks to establish even deeper relationships with His children.