Daily Devotions


Day 223

"Your testimonies I have taken as a heritage forever, for they are the rejoicing of my heart." Psalm 119:111

Text: Exodus 24 : 12


Opportunities may be made available for fellowship and ministry! God may even reveal or manifest Himself in special ways! While these things are wonderful experiences in themselves, the individual must go “the extra mile”. It would appear that Moses was the only person who had the right regard for the Lord and His word! Only Moses was singled out for further ministry out of the whole group of leaders who appeared before the Lord in Mount Sinai.

Moses had shown his delight in the Lord’s Word in a very special way. He lost no time to write down all that God had spoken to him! He took the trouble to make a Book of the Covenant. He read from that Book in worship! Truly, the testimonies of God had become his heritage. They were the rejoicing of his heart!


God gave an opportunity to the other leaders of Israel to serve Him at higher levels too. But as He looked deep into their hearts, He did not see anything that was impressive! Moses was the only person who stood out.

“Then the LORD said to Moses,
‘Come up to Me on the mountain and be there;
and I will give you tablets of stone, and the law
and commandments which I have written,
that you may teach them.”
EXODUS 24:12

1. “Then the LORD said to Moses…”

The Lord Himself had to personally distinguish and set apart Moses from the rest of the leaders of Israel! To prevent jealousy or strife, God personally identified Moses as the man He had chosen to be His special servant!

2. “Come up to Me on the mountain and be there”

Once again, there was the command from the Lord to ascend to Mount Sinai. Moses had been climbing this mountain several times already!

3. “And I will give you tablets of stones”

Did Moses make a Book of the Covenant? God must have been pleased with that effort! He would personally give to Moses a set of the Laws. These two stone tablets would be written by God Himself! What a thrilling thought that was!

4. “That you may teach them”

What God was going to give to them was not just a prized souvenir! Moses must be sure of the ministry that lay ahead of him! It was going to be a most challenging task indeed. Moses was entrusted with the task of teaching “the law and commandments” which God was going to give to him!