Daily Devotions


Day 184

"I have chosen the way of truth; Your judgments I have laid before me." Psalm 119:30

Text: Exodus 22 : 10-11


Understandably, some cases could be very complicated. The following text describes problems that could arise!

“If a man delivers to his neighbour a donkey, an ox,
a sheep, or any animal to keep, and it dies, is hurt,
or driven away, no one seeing it…”
EXODUS 22:10

1. Entrusting of an animal to a friend

This was not an uncommon practice at all. There were no “public pens” in those days where animals could be looked after for a short while (for a fee of course)! The next best thing would be to have a neighbour (friend) to look after the animals when the owner has to go away. (The usual arrangement is to pay the neighbour an agreed sum of money to look after the animals)

2. Mishap experienced

A number of things could go wrong! Three possibilities were highlighted:-

a) The animal dies.
b) The animal is hurt (badly).
c) The animal is driven away.
It would be very difficult to prove that the animals were maimed or killed by the neighbour/friend!


How does one resolve such issues? The Lord permitted the use of an oath to help resolve difficulties.

“Then an oath of the LORD shall be between them both,
that he has not put his hand into his neighbour’s goods;
and the owner of it shall accept that, and he shall
not make it good.”
EXODUS 22:11

1. The significance of the “Oath of the LORD”

The person who takes an oath must be aware that he would sin terribly if he were to take an oath and perjure himself! If he does that, he must know that he had taken the name of the Lord in vain. He must know that God Himself would personally deal with him!

2. No restitution demanded

If it is truly a mishap, then the neighbour/friend cannot be held responsible! He would not have to make any form of restitution to the owner of the animals!