Daily Devotions


Day 165

"For I brought you up from the land of Egypt, I redeemed you from the house of bondage; and I sent before you Moses, Aaron and Miriam." Micah 6:4

Text: Exodus 21 : 5


How should a slave feel towards a good and kind master? This question is well answered in the following text.

“But if the servant plainly says, ‘I love my master, my wife,
and my children; I will not go out free.'”

Why should not the slave feel a great sense of gratitude towards his master? Let us consider how he could have come to this conclusion.

1. Debts paid

His many debts are paid up by his master! He could never have paid his debts by himself! But of course, gratitude must fill the heart!

2. Given a wife

His master had been kind and thoughtful! He had even offered to give him a wife! Whoever had heard of such kindness shown to a slave! That there should be a heart of love for the master would be most natural!

3. Not taking advantage of the law concerning slaves

God Himself had given the law concerning slavery! And His law was most gracious and kind! The slave must not try to take advantage of the law of slavery! He could walk out as a free man after six years of service, but would that not be taking advantage of the law and of the kindness shown to him by his master?

4. A person of integrity

When a person becomes a slave, that does not mean that he became degraded and depraved! The slave does not have to shed his faith and his personal integrity simply because he finds himself in servitude! He can do the right and honourable thing!


The slave, after having experienced great kindness and love from his master could make the following statements:-

1. “I love my master, my wife and my children”

That would be the most logical response! The individual, though he may be a slave, is capable of good thinking!

2. “I will not go out free”

This is highly possible. The slave may have paid his debts, but what prospects would he have in the world outside? He could choose “not to go out free”!