Daily Devotions


Day 94

"That the generation to come might know them, the children who would be born, that they may arise and declare them to their children." Psalm 78:6

Text: Exodus 12 : 30-32


There was no sleep in Pharaoh’s household that night! He had lost his firstborn, the heir to the throne of Egypt! All Egyptians suffered the same fate! They too had suffered the loss of their firstborn as well. There was only one thing left to do! No more compromises to be offered. No more guile nor deception. Moses and the children of Israel must be sent out of Egypt post haste!

“So Pharaoh rose in the night, he, all his servants,
and all the Egyptians; and there was a great cry in Egypt,
for there was not a house where there was not one dead.
Then he called for Moses and Aaron by night, and said,
‘Rise, go out from among my people, both you and
the children of Israel. And go, serve the LORD as you have said.
Also take your flocks and you herds, as you have said,
and be gone; and bless me also.'”
EXODUS 12:30-32

1. “Not a house where there was not one dead”

What a tragedy! Pharaoh knew at heart, that this was the consequence of his obstinacy! His foolish pride had cost him much! He had not turned a blind eye to the material loss when the plagues struck the land! Material wealth was nothing, for that could be obtained easily! But death of the firstborn! A huge outcry went out from all Egyptians! Let Pharaoh do the right thing now! The war with Moses, indeed with the God of the children of Israel must end here and now! Pharaoh must concede defeat and surrender!

2. “As you have said”

Pharaoh had not forgotten all that Moses had said. He repeated them now even as he spoke to Moses and Aaron:

a) All will be released
The adults and the children will go! Their flocks and herds would leave with them too – as Moses had demanded!
b) “Serve the LORD”
Pharaoh had no reply to the unleashing of this terrible plague! The God of the Hebrews had spoken loud and clear, “Let My people go, that they may serve Me” (Exodus 7:16). This oft repeated demand will now be obeyed!

3. “And bless me also”

Pharaoh had asked Moses to make entreaties on his behalf a number of times earlier! However, he had only hardened his heart after each answer to Moses’ intercessory prayer! This time, greatly subdued, Pharaoh acknowledged the God of the Hebrews! Would this mighty God withdraw His curse and leave a blessing instead?