Daily Devotions


Day 37

Paul As An Apologist

Text: Colossians 2:4

The apostle Paul was just as brilliant as a defender of the faith as he was a teacher. The necessity of defending the faith was felt strongly by the apostles. In a sense, all the NT writers defended the historic Christian faith against detractors, false teachers and powerful assailants. Paul was in his element when he defended the faith in his epistle to the Colossians.

“Now this I say lest anyone should deceive you
with persuasive words.”
Colossians 2:4

1. “Now this I say lest”

a) Paul wrote with a great sense of purpose.
b) He was writing pointedly.
c) He was using his words most consciously.

2. The danger analysed

a) The danger of “deception”.
i) The enemies will make their argument seem good and plausible.
ii) But at the end of the day Paul saw it for what it was… “deception!”
iii) Deception may take many forms- but at heart it is still deception.
iv) And believers can be led astray if they are not discerning and careful.
b) The danger of “deceptive words”.
i) The detractors will use clever words.
ii) They will disguise their intention to deceive.
iii) They will use “persuasive words” to confuse and conquer the weak.
iv) This danger still exists today!


The need for today may well see us rise up to become defenders of our faith! The Church has been seriously challenged! Three challenges may be highlighted.

1 The relevance of our historic faith in the Lord Jesus is questioned.

2. The authenticity and authority of the Scriptures are challenged.

3. The significance of going to church is also being queried.


Would you know how to defend your faith? If the church is assailed, would you be able to come to its defence? Let us set aside time to get to know our faith deeply. Let us determine to defend our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in an ungodly world! Let us pray that God would give us grace and strength to hold fast to our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!