Daily Devotions


Day 3

Formal But Friendly

Text: Colossians 1:3

The apostle Paul may have begun his epistle to the Colossians in a formal manner, but that does not mean that he was not friendly. He showed the friendly part of himself when he wrote to say that he was praying for them.

“We give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
praying always for you.”

Colossians 1:3

1. “We”

a) Paul must have included Timothy when he used the plural pronoun “we”.
b) We can easily imagine how Paul and Timothy must have prayed together for the Colossians.

2. “We give thanks”

a) Paul and Timothy did not just formally prayed for the Colossians occasionally.
b) The idea conveyed here is that of constant thanksgiving.

3. “To the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ”

a) Paul once again lapses into formality here.
b) All prayers are correctly directed to God the Father.
i) This is in line with what Jesus taught (Matthew 6:9).
ii) This accords well with how Jesus prayed (John 17:1).
c) God is wonderfully honoured as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
i) This truth was taught by the Lord Jesus.
ii) This is well recorded in all the Gospels.
iii) Jesus wanted all His disciples to know and love His Father as He loved Him.
iv) Hence He always referred to God as “My Father”.

4. “Praying always for you”

a) Praying and the giving of thanks.

They are to be seen as concurrent activities!

b) Praying for you.
i) It was not a chore to pray for the Colossians.
ii) It was a joy to pray and to give thanks to God the Father.
iii) Paul had learned how to delight in intercession.