Daily Devotions

2 Timothy

2 Timothy 
Day 1

"Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God..."

Text: 2 Timothy 1:1


Paul wrote with great consciousness of being an apostle, even though he was writing a letter to his spiritual son, Timothy.

“Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God,
according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus.”
2 Timothy 1:1

1. “Paul”

This was a regular way of identifying himself as the author of this epistle.

2. “An apostle of Jesus Christ”

a) An apostle
i) The thrust of this word is consciousness of being “sent” by the Lord.
ii) The apostles were a special group of people who represented the Lord Jesus Christ.
iii) They were given extraordinary power and authority for ministry.
iv) Paul identified himself clearly as “an apostle”.
b) “Of Jesus Christ”
i) It was of fundamental importance to believe that Jesus was indeed the Christ.
ii) The term “Christ” is the equivalent to the word “Messiah”.
iii) Jesus was indeed acknowledged as “The Anointed One” of God.

3. “By the will of God”

a) Paul could not earn his apostolic position.
b) This was graciously bestowed on him by “the will of God”.

4. “According to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus”

a) The journey of serving the Lord begins with our salvation in Christ Jesus.
b) With this salvation we have the promise of life.
i) This includes eternal life.
ii) It also includes an abundant life on earth (John 10:10).
c) Out of this richness of the promise of life.
i) The privilege of serving the Lord.
ii) The possibility of being appointed to higher office.
iii) This privilege of being an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ was bestowed by the will of God.