Daily Devotions

2 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians 
Day 23

"That we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men..."

Text: 2 Thessalonians 3:2


The apostle Paul had experienced many difficult and trying situations as he sought to minister for the Lord in the preaching of the gospel. With this in the back of his mind he asked for special prayer support to be delivered from wicked people.

“And that we may be delivered from
unreasonable and wicked men, for not all have faith.”

2 Thessalonians 3:2

1. “And that we may be delivered”

a) God would have to bring about special deliverance.
b) Nothing is assumed or taken for granted.
c) The Lord’s grace and mercy must be carefully sought in prayer.

2. “From unreasonable and wicked men”

a) Paul was probably writing from fresh memories.
b) Just before he came to Thessalonica.
i) He and Silas were jailed in Philippi.
ii) The unreasonable and wicked magistrates had beaten them severely.
iii) There was divine deliverance experienced at Philippi (Acts 16:16-40).
c) At Thessalonica
i) Paul and Silas had to flee for their lives.
ii) The home of Jason was assaulted (Acts 17:5-9).
d) Other dangers
i) Paul was aware that there were other dangers that had to be faced.
ii) He was unafraid of suffering for the Lord.
iii) Nevertheless it was right that prayer support be solicited for deliverance.

3. “Not all have faith”

a) This was to put it mildly.
b) Paul showed much grace in writing these words.
c) Those who did not have faith showed great wickedness.
i) They plotted to do him harm and if possible they would kill him.
ii) They plotted to hinder his ministry.