Daily Devotions

2 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians 
Day 7

"In that Day..."

Text: 2 Thessalonians 1:10


The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to believers is something else! It is a joyous event that all may anticipate.

“When He comes, in that Day, to be glorified in His saints
and to be admired among all those who believe,
because our testimony among you was believed.”

2 Thessalonians 1:10

1. “When He comes”

a) Not if He comes.
b) It is only a question of when the Lord Jesus returns!

2. “In that Day”

a) This phrase is found at the end of the verse.
b) The Second Coming of Christ is so certain that it is described simply as “that Day”.
c) It is highlighted by the translators and placed at the earlier part of the verse.

3. Two purposes highlighted

a) “To be glorified in His saints”
i) Christ and believers are inextricably connected.
ii) His Return has very much to do with the saints.
iii) When He comes back in the fullness of His glory, the saints will share in that glory.
b) “To be admired”
i) The word “admired” comes from the word “astonishment” or “amazement”.
ii) When Jesus was on earth many were astonished for even the demons had to obey Him.
iii) When Jesus returns all will be astonished and be amazed.
iv) His Second Coming will bring about a fresh sense of astonishment to everyone.
v) This word is translated as “admired” in the NKJV text.

4. “Because our testimony among you was believed”

a) Paul and company certainly preached on this subject.
b) They bore testimony of their faith in the Second Coming of Christ.
c) Their faith in the Lord Jesus and His return caused people to believe.
d) This was remembered by Paul as he wrote his second epistle to the Thessalonians.