Daily Devotions

1 Timothy

1 Timothy 
Day 71

"Do not rebuke an older man..."

Text: 1 Timothy 5:1


Timothy had many lessons to learn before he could emerge a strong and successful servant of God. There were lessons about doctrine. There were lessons about the cultivation of spiritual disciplines. Another set of lessons involved “social relationships”.

“Do not rebuke an older man, but exhort him as a father,
younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, younger
women as sisters, with all purity.”
1 Timothy 5:1-2

1. Establishing a strong social network within the church

This was certainly a wise goal to have. The lack of a strong social network will be detrimental to the social infrastructure of the church!


2. The concept of a spiritual family

This was taught by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself (Mark 3:33-34). Those who sought to do the will of God were regarded as “family” by the Lord Jesus!


3. The practice of this teaching

This is most evident in the text! Paul’s advice to Timothy was sound and most invaluable!

a) The older members of the church
i) They are to be honoured.
ii) They are not to be rebuked (Treated “rudely”).
iii) They are to be respected as “fathers”.
b) The younger men
i) They are to be regarded as “brothers”.
ii) They are “spiritual family”.
c) The older women
i) They are to be regarded as “mothers”.
ii) This is similar to the regard given to “older men”.
d) Younger women
i) They are to be regarded as “sisters”.
ii) Purity of relationship is to be practised.



This approach is not to be seen as “an Asian trait”. This emphasis is to be regarded as a Biblical and spiritual truth that ought to be given due respect. A church is that much stronger when the social infrastructure is solid and sound. It will take much from all church members to consider practising and promoting this spiritual truth.