Daily Devotions

1 Timothy

1 Timothy 
Day 2

"The Lord Jesus Christ, our hope."

Text: 1 Timothy 1:1


The life of the apostle Paul is a remarkable illustration of what salvation in all about.

“Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, by the commandment of God
our Saviour, and the Lord Jesus Christ, our hope.”
1 Timothy 1:1

1. From Saul to Paul

a) Saul was the birth-name.
b) After his conversion his name was changed.
c) This illustrates the change that salvation can make in a person’s life.

2. An apostle

a) Salvation from sin.
b) Becoming a believer.
c) Becoming a committed servant of God.
d) Ultimately becoming an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Divine involvement

a) God’s decretive will.
b) The grace of the Lord Jesus was freely given.
c) The Holy Spirit filled the life of Paul.

4. “God our Saviour”

a) He may indeed be called Saviour.
b) He is directly involved in the work of salvation as much as Christ is involved.

5. “The Lord Jesus Christ, our hope”

a) He is truly Lord.
b) He has power to grant salvation.
c) He has the authority to appoint a person to become an apostle.
d) He is called “Our hope” for good reason.
i) He represents our future potential.
ii) He inspires hope in the heart.
iii) He makes our hopes and aspirations come true.