His Seed Shall Endure Forever

King David loved God and sought to promote worship with all his heart,

He organised his kingdom well, the soldiers, the Levites; each had his part.

Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun were appointed to improve the worship of God,

These were gifted psalmists, they were also rare poetic prophets of the Lord.


Ethan was fiercely loyal to his king, for he recognised that David was truly anointed,

Thus he sought to give full support, and attended to all that he had been appointed.

He sought to encourage Israel to give attention to their worship and faith in God,

Faithfulness of the nation would ensure the outpouring of the blessings of the Lord.


But many had failed and the land sometimes suffered much hardship and pain,

The rulers were not always just and many could not worship with happy refrains.

Ethan clung on to God’s word of promise that David’s Seed shall endure forever,

However he did not fully understand that the Seed was the Anointed Messiah!


Few had fully understood the deep and profound truth embedded in God’s word,

The Lord did not fail to keep His covenant word! That thought is truly absurd!

The angel Gabriel revealed this truth to Mary when she conceived Jesus in her womb,

Her Baby Son, was the Seed that God spoke of to David who had long been entombed.


Inspiration: Psalm 89:36

Ethan was also known as Jeduthun. He served as a loyal psalmist-prophet under King David.


Charles Tan