09 October 2021

Youth Worship 9th October 2021 : "The thing comes from the LORD”

Youth Worship 9th October 2021 : "The thing comes from the LORD”
Text: Genesis 24:28-58

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Focus on Faith

Message Notes


Scripture Text: Genesis 24:28-58

Message: “The thing comes from the LORD” Pastor Charles Tan


1. The Steward of Abraham had prayed for success Genesis 24:12

2. He had made a very pointed prayer to God
about the future wife of Isaac Genesis 24:13-14

3. God had heard and answered his prayer (and more) Genesis 24:15-26


1. She tells her story to her family Genesis 24:28

2. Laban, her brother ran to the well
to meet the servant of Abraham Genesis 24:29

3. Reason why he wanted to meet
Abraham’s servant

a) He saw the nose ring
b) And the bracelets
c) And her story Genesis 24:30


1. Hearty greetings

“Come in, O blessed of the LORD!
Why do you stand outside?
For I have prepared the house,
and a place for the camels” Genesis 24:31

2. Provision for the servant of Abraham

a) The camels were unloaded
b) Straw and feed for the camels
c) Water to wash the feet of the men
who accompanied the servant of Abraham Genesis 24:32
d) Food was set before the servant of Abraham Genesis 24:33a


1. He refused to eat till he had spoken to them Genesis 24:33b

2. His Testimony I

a) Servant
“I am Abraham’s servant” Genesis 24:34
b) The Lord’s blessings
i) “The LORD has blessed my master greatly” Genesis 24:35a
ii) “And he has become great” Genesis 24:35b
iii) “He has given him flocks and herds” Genesis 24:35c
iv) “Silver and gold” Genesis 24:35d
v) “Male and female servants” Genesis 24:35e
vi) “Camels and donkeys” Genesis 24:35f
c) Sarah and Isaac
i) “She bore a son to my master
when she was old” Genesis 24:36a
ii) “And to him he has given all that he has” Genesis 24:36b
d) The task given to the Steward
i) No wife from Canaan Genesis 24:37
ii) To look for a wife from Abraham’s family Genesis 24:38
e) A word of encouragement from Abraham
i) “The LORD, before whom I walk,
will send His angel with you” Genesis 24:40a
ii) “And prosper your way” Genesis 24:40b
iii) “And you shall take a wife
for my son from my family
and from my father’s house” Genesis 24:40c

3. His Testimony II

a) The prayer of the servant of Abraham Genesis 24:42-44
b) The Testimony
i) Before I had finished speaking
ii) Rebekah came and ministered to him
iii) She also drew water for his camels Genesis 24:45-48


1. The proposal was in the Testimony given

a) That Abraham wished to find a wife for Isaac
b) That Rebekah was an answer to his prayer

2. He waited for an answer from Rebekah’s family

a) Hope for kindness
“Now if you will deal kindly and truly
with my master, tell me” Genesis 24:49a
b) If there is refusal
“And if not, tell me, that I may turn
to the right hand or to the left” Genesis 24:49b

3. Response of Laban and Bethuel Genesis 24:50a

a) Laban was Rebekah’s brother
b) Bethuel was the father of Laban and Rebekah
i) “The thing comes from the LORD; we cannot speak
to you either bad or good” Genesis 24:50b
ii) “Here is Rebekah before you;
take her and go,
and let her be your master’s son’s wife,
as the LORD has spoken” Genesis 24:51


1. Worship of the LORD

“He worshiped the LORD, bowing himself to the earth” Genesis 24:52

2. Wedding Gifts for Rebekah

a) Jewelry
i) Silver
ii) Gold
b) Clothing

3. Wedding Gifts for her family

a) Precious things for her brother Genesis 24:53a
b) And her mother Genesis 24:53b

4. Wedding Feast

a) The servant of Abraham and his men
stayed up all night Genesis 24:54a
b) The family of Rebekah also celebrated


1. The Steward of Abraham wanted to return
the next morning Genesis 24:54b

2. Counter proposal by Laban and family
Rebekah ought to stay on for at least 10 days Genesis 24:55

3. Further entreaty of Abraham’s Steward

“Do not hinder me, since the LORD prospered my way;
send me away so that I may go to my master” Genesis 24:56

a) He was faithful and loyal
b) He was practical
i) He had been away for weeks
ii) It would take a couple more weeks
to return to Canaan (at least)


1. The Family was reluctant to let Rebekah go

a) They may not see her again
b) Traveling was an arduous and dangerous thing
in those days

2. They gave the Decision to Rebekah

“We will call the young woman and ask her personally” Genesis 24:57

3. Calling Rebekah

“Will you go with this man?” Genesis 24:58a

4. Rebekah’s Response

“I will go” Genesis 24:58b

a) She was decisive
b) She was already committed in this marriage proposal
c) She followed through


1. Exercise of Faith in the LORD

a) “While I was on the way, the LORD led me” Genesis 24:27
b) “The LORD, before whom I walk, will send
His angel with you” Genesis 24:40

2. Seeing God’s hand

a) “The thing comes from the LORD” Genesis 24:50
b) “The LORD has prospered my way” Genesis 24:56

3. Appropriate Response: Worship

“He worshiped the LORD,
bowing himself to the earth” Genesis 24:52