17 July 2021

Youth Worship 17th July 2021 : “Abraham journeyed” Available from 2.45pm

Youth Worship 17th July 2021 : “Abraham journeyed” Available from 2.45pm
Text: Genesis 20

Focus on Faith

Message Notes


Call to Worship Pastor Charles Tan

Opening Prayer

Scripture Text: Genesis 20

Message: “Abraham journeyed”

Speaker: Pastor Charles Tan

Closing Prayer


Scripture Text: Genesis 20

Message: “Abraham journeyed” Pastor Charles Tan


1. The significance of the life of Abraham
What is the significance of the life of Abraham, that so many chapters were dedicated to describing his movements?

2. Positive things we have discovered about Abraham:

a) He discovered God and followed Him Genesis 12
b) He rescued Lot, risking his life Genesis 14
c) His faith was confirmed and blessed Genesis 15
d) He was given a Covenant Genesis 17
e) He prayed for Sodom and Gomorrah Genesis 18

3. Negative things we have discovered about Abraham

a) He lied when he went to Egypt Genesis 12
b) He listened to Sarai and had Hagar
as his second wife Genesis 16

4. Wonderful truths we have discovered about God

a) He is gracious
b) He is merciful
c) He is faithful
d) He is patient (longsuffering)
e) He is generous
f) He is powerful
g) He is truly God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth Genesis 14:19


1. Why did he journey so much?

He had left Haran for Canaan Genesis 12:5

2. God promised to give Canaan to Abram

a) “To a land that I will show you” Genesis 12:1d
b) “Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are”
i) Northward
ii) Southward
iii) Eastward
iv) Westward Genesis 13:14
c) “For all the land which you see
I give to you and your descendants” Genesis 13:15
d) “And Abraham journeyed” Genesis 20:1

3. Journeys of necessity

a) Pasture for his flocks and herds
b) New pastures must be found again and again
Many lessons were to be learned along the way.


1. Journeys of Faith

a) Abraham did not have the written Scriptures to guide him
b) He was going to learn lessons of faith along the way
c) Lessons of Faith learned through Journeying
i) Human knowledge and Experience
ii) Relating to God in worship (setting up altars)
iii) Making mistakes
iv) Sinning sometimes
v) Problems
vi) Valorous deeds (rescuing Lot)
d) God’s Revelation
i) Word revealed (unspecified)
ii) Visions
iii) Manifestation (Visits of the angels)
e) Lessons of faith learned
i) Life-changing lessons
ii) Maturing faith

2. Journeys of Discovery of the land God had promised

a) The land of Canaan cannot be discovered theoretically
i) Where were the boundaries?
ii) What was the land like?
iii) How would the land be utilized?
b) Abraham would have to do the following:
i) Find the courage
ii) Obtain the strength
iii) Exercise his faith
iv) Use his intelligence
v) Cultivate his relationship with God as he journeyed
c) Many lessons learned as the Land was slowly discovered
i) Knowledge of boundaries
Egypt was not part of Canaan Genesis 12
ii) Some places were sin-filled Genesis 19
iii) God would be there as Abraham journeyed and discovered Canaan

3. Journeys and their Lessons for the sake of his descendants

The lessons learned were to be passed down to the next generation
a) “I have known him, in order that he may command his children
and his household after him” Genesis 18:19a
i) God was teaching Abraham many lessons
ii) The lessons learned were meant to be passed down to his children
b) “To keep the way of the LORD” Genesis 18:19b
i) The way of the Lord was made known
ii) His way was to be kept
c) “To do righteousness and justice” Genesis 18:19c
i) This is what God desires
ii) God approved of the rescue of Lot
iii) Thus, He gave Abraham the victory over the Northern Alliance


1. How do we appreciate our parents and grandparents?

2. What lessons are we learning from them?

3. How well are we learning these lessons?