16 February 2020

SUNDAY VIDEO MESSAGE 16th February 2020 : "More Than Conquerors"

SUNDAY VIDEO MESSAGE 16th February 2020 : "More Than Conquerors"
Text: Romans 8:26-39

Rev Dr Charles Tan
The Fear of the LORD

Message Notes

(Our First Video Message in the context of battling Covid-19)


1. Context of the world seeking to grapple with Covid-19 pandemic

a) The world at large struggles with coping with Covid-19
b) Our hearts go out to the epicentre that has suffered the most
i) Over 1300 have died
ii) They leave behind many bereaved family members

2. Suspension of Worship Services at Bethany

a) The reasons for this suspension are compelling
b) The following may be high-lighted:
i) The Lord’s good name may be affected adversely
ii) The perception of the Church by the general public may be tainted
as more reports of clusters of people infected by the Wuhan virus appear
iii) We have very vulnerable groups (our Seniors and the Juniors)
iv) It is out of loving concern that we have decided to suspend the Sunday Worship Service for the time being

3. The desire to gather for Worship and Fellowship is deeply appreciated

a) Many look forward to spending the Morning in Church, in Bethany
b) Others feel that Sunday does not feel right, when we are unable to gather for our regular Worship Service

4. Others applaud the decision to suspend Worship for the time being

a) We want to help the national effort to contain the spread of Covid-19
b) We do not need to have a Quarantine Order given or even a mandatory LOA
before we decide to suspend Services

5. We have already suspended the weekday ministries and the Saturday Fellowship programs
It is logical that we take this proactive decision to suspend the Sunday Worship Service


1. The Text

a) We will be reading is taken from Romans 8:26-39
b) This Text is as relevant to us as it was to the Church at Rome that received this Epistle

2. The Title: “More than Conquerors

a) Paul wrote with deep conviction
b) Believers can be truly more than conquerors!


1. Life was tough in the first century.
Being a Christian made life even tougher!

2. The problems that were encountered included the following:

a) Some who were “against” the Believers (Romans 8:31)
b) Others who “brought charges” against them (Romans 8:33)
c) Still others “condemned” them (Romans 8:34)

3. Other problems also surfaced up:

a) Tribulation (Romans 8:35)
b) Distress (Romans 8:35)
c) Persecution (Romans 8:35)
d) Famine (Romans 8:35)
e) Nakedness (Romans 8:35)
f) Peril (Romans 8:35)
g) Sword (Romans 8:35)
h) Prophetic warnings
Of being killed and slaughtered (Romans 8:36)


1. That All things will work together for good

a) To those who love God (Romans 8:28)
b) To those who are called (Romans 8:28)

2. That if God is for us, we need not fear who may be against us (Romans 8:31)

a) God has justified
b) He has glorified (Romans 8:30)

3. That nothing will separate us from the Love of God in Christ (Romans 8:37)

a) Not death nor life
b) Not angels nor principalities nor powers
c) Nor things present nor things to come
d) Nor height not depth
e) Nor any created thing (Romans 8:38-39)


1. Great Encouragement found

a) In the Lord
b) In the Word of God
c) In our Faith in God

2. Grateful for the Exhortation given

a) Email to express support
b) Love gifts that have come
i) A love gift of $12,000.00
ii) Another love gift of $5000.00

3. Great Support for our Government

a) To contain the spread of Covid-19
b) To commend medical personnel in the front-line
i) Doctors
ii) Nurses
iii) Physiotherapists
iv) Occupational therapists
v) Support Staff

4. Gratitude to God

a) For His grace and mercy
b) For being:
i) Our Refuge
ii) Our Strength
iii) Our Present Help in trouble (Psalm 46:1)