03 February 2019

The LORD is Near to All Who Call Upon Him

The LORD is Near to All Who Call Upon Him
Text: Psalm 145:17-18

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Intern-Pastor Benjamin Chong & Intern-Pastor Benjamin Quah
Great is the LORD and Greatly to be Praised

Message Notes


1. The taunt of enemies

“There is no help for him from God”   Psalm 3:2

2. Innate fear of many shared that no help is available

“Who will show us any help?”   Psalm 4

3. The anger of God

“O LORD, do not rebuke me in Your anger,
Nor chasten me in Your hot displeasure”   Psalm 6:1

4. Fear of God departing

“My soul is greatly troubled;
Return, O LORD, deliver me”   Psalm 6:4


1. Through knowledge of God’s relationship with the righteous

a) God as a shield
i) Shield of Protection   (Psalm 3:3)
ii) Shield of Favour   (Psalm 5:12)
iii) Shield of salvation   (Psalm 18:34)
b) God has set apart for Himself those who are godly   (Psalm 4:3)

2. Through trusting

a) Putting trust in God   (Psalm 7:1; 11:1; 16:1)
b) Trusting in God’s mercy   (Psalm 13:5)

3. Through prayer

“The LORD has heard my supplications,
The LORD will receive my prayer”   Psalm 6:9
a) Prayer in the morning   (Psalm 5:3)
b) Prayer heard   (Psalm 3:4; 4:3)


“Your blessing is upon Your people”   Psalm 3:8

“For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous”   Psalm 5:12

1. The Lord’s sustenance   (Psalm 3:5)

2. Gladness in the heart   (Psalm 4:7)