05 May 2018

AM Bethany : The LORD as King : Lesson 2

AM Bethany : The LORD as King : Lesson 2
Text: 1 Samuel 9

Rev Dr Charles Tan

Message Notes


1. Family- The father of Saul
Kish the son of Abiel (1 Samuel 9:1)

a) From the tribe of Benjamin
b) A mighty man of power

2. Saul’s physical appearance

a) A choice young man
b) Handsome
c) Taller than most (1 Samuel 9:2)

3. Saul’s obedience to his father

a) Sent out with a servant to look for missing donkeys
b) An almost impossible task
c) He attempted anyway (1 Samuel 9:3-4)
i) Mountains of Ephraim
ii) Land of Shalisha
iii) Land of Shaalim
iv) Land of Benjamin

4.The seer/prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 9:6, 9)

Samuel described

a) A man of God
b) An honourable man
c) All he says comes to pass

5. Samuel’s Meeting with Saul (1 Samuel 9:15-26)

a) God informs Samuel concerning Saul
b) Samuel’s word with Saul
i) He confirms that he is the seer (1 Samuel 9:19)
ii) He invites Saul to have a meal with him
iii) He is the desire of all Israel (1 Samuel 9:20)
c) Saul’s humble response (1 Samuel 9:23)
1 Samuel 9:19
i) Am I not a Benjamite?
ii) The smallest of all the tribes
iii) My family is the least of all families of the tribe of Benjamin? iv) Why do you speak to me like that?


1. Saul seems to be a good candidate as King

2. Qualities that were positive

a) Humble
b) Obedient
c) Hard-working

3. Why did God warn that their chosen king would be a bad one? (1 Samuel 8:10-18)