Entering Into Our 43rd Year Of Ministry

by Pastor Mark
September 03, 2015

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Thank God for a wonderful weekend of celebration

We had a great time of rejoicing last weekend at both the combined YPG/YAG/AM anniversary meeting on Saturday and our 40 + 2 Anniversary Worship Service on Sunday at the Shangri-La. Each event was a special time to give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings that He had showered upon Bethany. We also had great moments fellowshipping with each other reflecting on the goodness of the Lord.

Thank God for “brethren”

One thing that I have come to appreciate more through this weekend was what it means for us to be brethren especially through the example of the Lord Jesus. Pastor spoke to us about being “brethren” on Saturday and how the Lord demonstrated for us the kind of brethren we ought to be. The author of Hebrews wrote, “That through death He might destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil,” (Heb 2:14)

  1. Fighting for a brother

It is indeed our privilege to be called brethren by the Lord Jesus. (Heb 2:11) But it is a relationship that is not only in name but reflected by the Lord’s actions too. The Lord Jesus fought with the devil and was victorious. He was willing to give of Himself…to fight with the devil with the purpose of destroying Him. I like this idea of a brother seeking to fight for the sake of another brother. Let us learn from the example of the Lord Jesus seeking to fight the challenges of life for each other as brethren.

  1. Sacrificing for a brother

As brethren, the Lord Jesus sought to sacrifice much for us. He was willing to give His very life for our sake…to suffer death so that we might be able to live. He is epitome of what a brother should be…to be willing to go to the point of death. What are willing to do for a brother? How much are willing to sacrifice for each other? Let us be challenged to learn from the sacrificial love of the Lord Jesus in being brethren.

As brethren of the Lord Jesus, let us seek to have that same spirit that He has as we face another year of ministry.

Looking ahead to our 43rd of ministry

There will be many challenges ahead as we stand on the threshold of our 43rd year of ministry. We will be starting our building project of Bethany IV very soon. How should we continue to be brethren with each other?

  1. Brethren stand together

Let us face our challenges by standing together as brethren unafraid and undaunted.

  1. Brethren stick together

Let us move forward by sticking together and not be distracted by anything or drawn away by any one.

  1. Brethren serve together

We look forward to serving together…in facing whatever difficulties of life. Let us have the joy of ministering together as brethren as we venture into another year of ministry.

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