I Will Bring You Back


The grace and mercy shown by God to erring servants is so clear,
They may make mistakes, be upset, and falter, but they are still dear!
The invitation to return to God was offered very graciously,
God promised that that He would take them back most tenderly.

“If you return…” this word was once spoken to a backsliding nation,
And now it was given to a wounded servant in need of consolation.
How loving God still is despite years of misgivings and tears,
God will fully restore and remove that which had caused fears.

“Then I will bring you back…” What a glorious word this is!
There is the promise of full restoration! Oh, what bliss!
“You shall stand before Me…” God’s original appointment still stands,
The servant of the Lord is urged to know and fully obey His commands!

God once again offered to make His servant a fortified bronze wall,
He does not need to cower in fear, he may stand bold, true and tall!
The enemies will always be there but their wicked schemes will not succeed,
God Himself will personally undertake to deliver His servant from evil indeed!

Inspiration: Jeremiah 15:19