You Have Overcome the Wicked One


One of the greatest fears we have concerns the Wicked One,
In our minds he is too formidable a foe, we are undone!
This is a lie that must be addressed because this is not true,
We are strong in the Lord and the devil can be defeated too!

There is strength that God has promised to one and all,
We do not need to run from our Enemy, we can walk tall!
That strength is to be found in the precious Word of God,
When we have it in our heart, we need not fear the odds.

The Wicked One may rage against us with all his might,
He will try and confuse us concerning our rights.
As children of God we may believe with all our heart,
God meant us to be strong, but we must do our part.

If we walk in the light, guided by the Spirit of God,
We can march together in love and in one accord.
We can be a mighty army as God intended us to be,
Let us prayerfully put on God’s perfect panoply.

Inspiration: 1 John 2:13-14