The Way of Man is Not In Himself


Man has always prided himself to be victorious without God,
The rich rejoices in his wealth as if he did not receive it from the Lord.
The mighty man take pride in his personal strength and power,
The wise reject the need to speak of faith in victory’s hour.

But the sad reality is that man has merely deluded himself about his real estate,
His failures, his shallowness, his backsliding… the truth these highly illustrate!
It takes a mature person to admit that the way of man is not in himself indeed,
The way forward is to return to God and to find in Him our faith and our creed!

It is not in man to direct his own steps… that is an important truth to know
The mistakes, the problems in life, the limitations… these truly bring man low!
The challenge to know God and His ways are sometimes painfully learned,
The fire of chastisement is designed by God our stubborn ego to burn!

The way of God is revealed in the Scriptures for man to read,
His mercy, His power and His promises are for us to plead.
When we choose to walk in the way of God ,He grants us grace,
We will be able to overcome our sins and triumph in life’s race.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 10:23