The Place of our Sanctuary


What may man find when he searches for God?
He will find the glorious high throne of the Lord.
The Lord reigns despite the raging of unrighteous man,
Nothing will thwart His will, His deep and profound plan!

He will find the secret hiding place, His holy sanctuary,
In the world there is turmoil, in God he will find serenity.
God has been a glorious refuge for His people dear,
Those who forsake Him will be ashamed and that is clear.

He will find the fountain of living water flowing from the throne of God,
The soul’s thirst will be quenched by the mighty Spirit of the Lord.
The world cannot give the water that will fully refresh and satisfy,
He who drinks from earthly water will be thirsty again, by and by.

Those who depart from God will have their names on record,
They will be described as those who have departed from the Lord.
How our souls need to come to the Lord for complete healing,
He will give us a new heart that is deeply committed to praising.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 17:12-14