Seed of Highest Quality


Seed of the highest quality was in God’s design and plan,
He wants His children to be the most blessed in the land.
Carefully He nurtured the seed in hope of a noble vine,
That would delight His heart if it grew to fit His plan divine.

But sadly and all too soon the vine became degenerate,
Instead of becoming noble it became a rude renegade.
It has become like an alien plant that yielded sour fruit,
Something had happened from deep within its roots.

This parable of a seed of highest quality is so true today,
We see so many believers backslide and their lives decay.
They produce little fruit that would glorify the Father’s name,
Instead of fruitful service, they bring nothing but shame.

What more could the Lord have done for the seed of highest quality?
He has made provision, He has kept, He has pruned most diligently!
How we must examine our wicked hearts from deep within!
May the Lord cleanse us and heal us of our many deadly sins!

Inspiration: Jeremiah 2:21