The Golden Lampstands


What is the church? What is its ministry?
These are questions that crop up occasionally.
The answer is found in the Word of the Lord,
There is a wonderful plan for the church of God.

Churches are meant to be golden lampstands in a world that is dark,
Gold represents majesty and royalty of the Lord, brilliant and stark.
God has provided “angels” that are meant to keep the lampstands bright,
Their duty is to make sure that the lampstands are well lit, especially in the night!

But the danger of the lampstands being tarnished is very real indeed,
The danger of failing as golden lampstands helps us to see our desperate needs!
The Spirit of God ministers to our hearts and calls to repent from our sins,
Only when we respond can we be fully restored without and within.

The failure of golden lampstands must drive us to determine we do not fail,
And there is no need to fail for through the Spirit of God we can prevail.
Our hearts must be moved to examine our walk with God each day,
And if we have turned aside, we must return to God without delay.

Inspiration: Revelation 1:12, 20