The Empty Words of a Backslider


No words are emptier than that which come from the backslider’s lips,
He declares fervently, “I will not transgress,” but soon he falters and slips.
When confronted with his sins he protests, “I am not polluted,”
But the sins are so many and obvious they cannot be refuted.

The heart of the backslider is in danger of sinking into despair,
“There is no hope” the sinner cries without any real care.
Only in times of deep trouble will he cry out to God for salvation,
But deep down, he knows that he lacks genuine contrition.

Backsliding can cause the heart to feel great pride,
“We are lords,” they say, with every arrogant stride.
“We will not come to You,” the heart is too blind to see,
These words reflect nothing more than mule-like obstinacy.

The backsliding heart has forgotten the Lord for many days on end,
The mind is dark, the eyes are blinded, he can no longer understand.
He is in grave danger because of the terrible wrath of God,
Nothing can save him unless he pleads for mercy from the Lord.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 2:20, 23, 25, 31