The Anointing


The work of the Holy Spirit is crucial to the core,
He is needed, our relationship with God to restore.
He regenerates and we are wonderfully born again,
We are saved and our hearts now have a joyous refrain.

God calls us to show to the world the joy of serving,
God identifies His servants with a heavenly anointing.
He sets them apart, He gives to them power from above,
The fruit of the Spirit is well-defined as A-ga-pe Love.

The Holy Spirit is given to us as a special anointing,
He begins a work that will help us to be discerning.
We will then be able to distinguish right from wrong,
He empowers us so that we will always be very strong.

The filling of the Spirit of God is what we should be seeking,
Without that we will always find something terribly lacking.
We need to yield our all to the Lord in heartfelt consecration,
He will fill us with divine power as we prove our dedication.

Inspiration: 1 John 2:28