Return, You Backsliding children


“Return, you backsliding children…” these words fell on deaf ears,
Those who had turned their back on God would not shed tears.
They were so caught up with their sins they had become perverse,
They had forgotten their God who had redeemed them from sin’s curse!

How gracious God still was to address them so patiently,
They were still called “children” despite their perversity.
But their hearts had become so bad they were “children” no more,
Yet God offered to heal them no matter how putrid the sores!

“I will heal your backslidings…!” Yes, God knew how sick they were!
He would have to cleanse, chastise and refine them like precious silver.
God waits patiently for the soul to realise the folly and deadliness of sin,
The backslider must return to God humbly to seek cleansing deep within.

“Indeed, we come to You…” is the appropriate response to make,
The mercy of the Lord must be sought, He will forgive for His own sake!
“You are the LORD our God…” must be uttered from a contrite heart,
Only God can bring about healing, and cause us, never from Him, to depart!

Inspiration: Jeremiah 3:22