Our Fellowship


To have fellowship is a blessing that we often take for granted,
We assume we know the meaning, we believe we are right.
Fellowship is just talking to people, which is socially expected,
But we could be wrong, if we do not truly walk in the light.

Christian fellowship has an element that is special and rare,
The Father and the Son are present with us in our conversation!
We need a sensitivity to Their presence and we do need to take care,
That we speak of things that meet up with heavenly expectation.

The apostles had rare fellowship with the Lord in days of old,
Their hearts were uplifted and they found great strength.
They wrote so that we too may have fellowship, better than gold,
But only if our fellowship includes discussion of truths at length.

Good fellowship with each other can bring great joy to the heart,
God knows how much we can benefit if we fully comprehend.
This was His design for our needs right from the very start,
Our challenge is to discover and have great fellowship to the very end.

Inspiration: 1 John 1:3