O LORD, My Strength and My Fortress


The promise to become a strong brazen wall lifts up the soul,
The most important thing to do is to be sure that we are whole!
Sins in our life will always threaten to drain our strength and energy,
We need to learn how to turn to God to renew us completely.

Most times we learn things the very hard way,
But thank God we can come to Him without dismay.
There is forgiveness and pardon for all our sins,
He will cleanse us and begin a new work from deep within.

The Lord is indeed our strength and our fortress,
We need to turn to Him when we are in distress.
He will fortify us so that we can run with the horses,
We will find renewed strength for God is truly with us.

The battle may be hard and the day may be long,
But when we walk with the Lord, He gives us a song.
In the word of God we will find our greatest joy,
We can become victors if God’s strength we employ.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 16:19