More than Conquerors


“More than conquerors”- The heart thrills at this thought;
Yet the shame of defeat in life causes us to doubt- a lot!
How the heart longs to rise from the dust of the earth,
And to look up to God afresh with hope and mirth.

The salvation that God designed included victory,
There is no need to be bogged down in despondency.
The answer lies in how much we truly believe in God,
And how our hearts are filled with the Word of the Lord.

We need to return again to what the Lord said in His word,
Ignorance, unbelief, hardness of heart- these sins are absurd!
The prophets, the apostles, these servants of God are our inspiration,
We are challenged to believe that portray for us a victorious vision.

“More than conquerors”- The heart takes courage once again,
We do not need to stay defeated, we can take up a glad refrain!
God will enable us to be more than conquerors because of His love,
Nothing will separate us from His Divine affection from heaven above!

Inspiration: Romans 8:37