Misgivings of the Heart


Deep down there are deep misgivings in the heart,
We dare not voice it, but we do blame God in part.
We refuse to admit our waywardness and iniquity,
We blame God for the problems in life… secretly!

We want Him to overlook our sins no matter how bad,
We childishly want to have blessings so we can be glad.
We will not easily humble ourselves to confess our sins,
We would rather have misgivings than to seek cleansing within.

How easy it is to blame and not realise we make things worse,
Such is the nature of iniquity for it makes us truly perverse.
The misgivings of the heart must be dealt with forthrightly,
Or the problem of sin will fester till we perish miserably!

How we must come to God with hearts that are truly contrite,
He is most willing to forgive and restore and make all things right.
We must pray that the Spirit of God will convict our hearts,
Then come to God and plead that our life would not come apart!

Inspiration: Jeremiah 4:10