A Docile Lamb


In embarrassment and in humility this open confession was made,
“I was a docile lamb brought to the slaughter…” It was time to be awake!
To serve the Lord with zeal and zest is not always the best,
Without maturity and wisdom, one may be shocked by deep unrest!

To be naïve about life and ministry is dangerous to the soul,
The challenge to be committed to finding maturity as a whole.
The lack of strength and wisdom can lead to deep despair,
How we need to quickly return to God for much-needed repair.

Effective ministry for the Lord requires a maturity that includes strength,
Turbulence in life and ministry can prove most painful and difficult at length.
The need to grow deeper and stronger is something we must take to heart,
There must be time set aside for meditation and prayer; we must fulfil our part.

Thank God for His precious promise to deliver us from all evil,
He will faithfully protect His servants from the powers of the devil!
There will be triumph in the long run if we do not yield to despair,
We will find that God will fulfil His promises! He will always be there!

Inspiration: Jeremiah 11:19