I Will Not Leave You Orphans


How the Lord Jesus loved those He called His own,
He had taught them well and they had truly grown.
But He knew that much more help they still needed,
In loving provision, the Holy Spirit would be included.

He would come as a Paraclete, a Helper indeed,
He would look after their every spiritual need.
He would take up residence within their heart,
The mighty power of God to fully impart!

He would come and be that Teacher rare,
They would not need to have hearts that are bare.
He will enlighten, enrich and empower,
He will enable us to conquer every hour!

What a great promise the Lord has given His own,
But have we understood our faith, have we truly grown?
Do our hearts long to be filled with the Spirit divine?
We will not be orphans when our souls the Spirit refines!

Inspiration: John 14:18