Man seems bent on a collision course with his Maker,
He is determined to do his own will, now or later!
He ignores God’s commandments defying His law,
He throws caution to the wind, hardened to the core!

He chooses the path of sin, refusing to repent,
He defies God to the utmost, refusing to relent.
The scenario is set for a showdown between man and his God,
The earth is hushed and holds its breath at the word of the Lord.

“Therefore behold, I will this once cause them to know,”
People steeped in sin will be chastised, blow upon blow!
They will see the Lord’s hand and His awesome might,
They will see how God will respond to sin’s dark blight.

If man will learn only when he is humbled to the dust,
God will do what He alone can do; He will do what He must!
Nations have been humbled before the Almighty God,
The righteous stand in awe, and humbly bow his head to the Lord.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 16:21