He has made us Kings and Priests


God’s plan of salvation is truly profound and deep,
He has continued to love us despite sins that are steep.
He has washed us from our sins that we may stand justified,
He will make all things work together till we are glorified!

He has graciously made us kings and priests before Him now,
We can gloriously serve the Lord and fulfil all our vows!
What a glorious appointment He has given to all His saints,
They stand before Him free and clean without any taint!

How thrilled our hearts must be as we ponder this glorious word!
To choose to live a life of wretched sinfulness is just absurd!
Our challenge is to find that strength to be conquerors each day,
With God’s help we can serve well without deterioration and decay!

The world seems to be sinking lower in sin and degradation,
We must be challenged to live in victory and jubilation.
There is a joy and strength that we can find for each day’s ministry,
The Lord is more than pleased to help us live and serve victoriously.

Inspiration: Revelation 1:5-6