Have You Not Brought this on Yourself


The circumstances of life can take drastic turns,
Instead of being blessed with shame our faces burn.
So many things have gone wrong in our life,
There is so much turmoil and everywhere is strife.

Threats to life can make the future look very bleak,
There is a sense of despair and we feel very weak.
Why has life become so turbulent and very uncertain?
Doubts and questions must lead us to God… to return.

“Have you not brought this on yourself,” God says plainly,
Our heads hang in shame and we that He has spoken truly.
The troubles of our life are often of our own making,
How our hearts must seek God to be our undertaking.

God wants to help us conquer life’s many obstacles,
To God’s word given we must be good receptacles.
We must desire to become that strong wall in life,
Our hearts must learn deep lessons from strife

Inspiration: Jeremiah 2:17