Cursed is the Man


The arrogance in man causes him to reject the way of God,
He ignores and he refuses to even read the Word of the Lord.
He is confident that he knows what is the best for life on earth,
He has wealth, he has success, and his heart is filled with mirth.

God’s pronounces a solemn curse on “the man who trusts in man,”
His heart has departed from the Lord and His divine revealed plan!
He will only be a shrub in the harsh, arid, and thirsty wilderness,
He will never have the Lord’s Presence which is true blessedness.

He will never understand a life filled with righteousness,
He will only inherit the parched places in the wilderness.
It is pure folly to choose the pleasures of carnal sin,
And silence the conscience that is wounded deep within.

The counsel of the Lord will stand for His word is power,
The man who trusts in man will rue his folly in tribulation’s hour.
The way of man and the way of God are plain for all to see,
Grace may yet be found if man turns to God in humility.

Inspiration: Jeremiah 17:5-6