Because their Hearts were Hardened


The human heart is difficult to change because of deadly sin,
It lies just outside the Lord’s reach, hardened from deep within.
It may see and experience the great power of the Lord,
But it is unable and unwilling to respond with swift accord.

There may be outwards signs of following Christ the Lord,
But hidden deep inside there is still so much discord.
Only when difficult circumstances of life appear,
That we see how hardened the heart is and we must fear!

The hardness of the heart is a difficult problem to address,
The ear can hear, the mind can see, but the heart is often in a mess!
True understanding and a deep faith will not be easily forthcoming,
Till the hardened heart is touched and it has received full cleansing.

The Holy Spirit has to write upon the human heart,
God’s full power and great love He longs to fully impart.
Only then would fear give way to a faith that is truly strong,
May we surrender our hearts fully to the Lord ere long!

Inspiration: Mark 6:52