Such Great Faith


So much depends on our faith in the Lord our God,
Great things are done when our faith is in good accord.
“As you have believed…” is a truth that must be comprehended,
But the cultivating of a great faith is often under-rated!

How is it that so few are commended for great faith in God?
Is it because we do not comprehend how to develop faith in the Lord?
The many challenges in life should drive us to re-examine our heart,
We cannot continue in unbelief, from darkness we must depart!

Great faith will exhibit itself, it is visible to everyone around,
Such faith is well-commended but that does not astound.
The Lord desires that such faith exists among those who follow Him,
That would be the fitting result of all the grace poured deep within.

A great faith should be the goal that we set for ourselves today,
We must diligently seek to develop our faith in God without dismay.
The road may be difficult but we can have a faith that is victorious,
God has given us all that we may need to have a faith that is glorious!

Inspiration: Matthew 8:13