26 October 2012

YAG 16th Retreat : Session 2

YAG 16th Retreat : Session 2
Text: Revelation 12; Genesis 3

Rev. Dr Charles Tan
16th Retreat: Spiritual Warfare

Message Notes

YAG 16th RETREAT                                                                                         Friday, 26 October 2012
(Time: 9.00am)
Message #2
Text: Revelation 12; Genesis 3
Title: The Serpent of Old


1. Satan

a) Called “A great, fiery red dragon”                         Revelation 12:3

i) The serpent of old                                    Revelation 12:9b

ii) Satan (Adversary, Enemy)                        Revelation 12:9c

iii) Devil (Slanderer/Liar)                               Revelation 12:9c

b) Symbolic representation:                                      Revelation 12:3

i) Having seven heads

ii) Ten horns

iii) Seven diadems on his heads

c) Evil angels

i) A third of the stars of heaven                  Revelation 12:4a

ii) Threw them down to earth                      Revelation 12:4b

2. Michael

a) Michael led in this war with the dragon               Revelation 12:7a

b) Good angels fought against evil angels                Revelation 12:7a

3. Outcome of this war in the heavenlies

a) The dragon did not prevail                                    Revelation 12:8a

b) No place for them in heaven                                Revelation 12:8b

c) Satan and his angels cast out of heaven              Revelation 12:9d



1. An angry enemy                    Revelation 12:13,17

a) Because he has been defeated

b Because he has been cast out of heaven with his angels

c) Because he knows that he has a limited time

2. Waging war

a) Persecution of the woman          Revelation 12:13

i) Caused a flood to arise               Revelation 12:15-16

ii) Great destructive power employed

b) Symbolic:

i) Weak (in comparison)

ii) Vulnerable (pregnancy/child-birth)

c) More than one application

i) Israel

ii) Mary

3. Target

a) The woman

b) Her offspring (The male Child    Revelation 12:13b)

4. Protection from God

a) Eagles’ wings                  Revelation 12:14a

b) The earth                        Revelation 12:16

5. War with all the offspring of the woman      Revelation 12:17

a) All who keep the commandments of God

b) All who have the testimony of Jesus Christ


Genesis 3

1. Deception in Spiritual warfare

a) One of many weapons

b) Subtle

c) Deadly

2. The Serpent of Old                            Revelation 12: 9

a) Use of cunning                            Genesis 3:1

b) Selecting the target- Eve             Genesis 3:1

c) Choosing the time and place

d) Raising innocent-sounding questions

e) Creating doubts

f)  Arousing wrong desires

3. Defeated by the Serpent

a) Because of deception                  1 Timothy 2:14b

b) Because of a lack of discernment

c) Eve’s transgression was because of Satan’s deception

d) Adam’s transgression was not because of deception

4. Grave Consequences

a) The individual

b) The family

c) Posterity

d) All areas of life affected

i) Mind

ii) Heart



1. Know yourself

a) Weaknesses

b) Strengths

2. Learning from encounters

a) Note lessons learned

b) Make sure they are well learned

3. Cultivate

a) Knowledge gleaned from experience

b) Discernment that comes from experience

c) Strength to resist