28 January 2023

SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER’S RETREAT 2023 : Studies in 2 Timothy : Session 1

SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER’S RETREAT 2023 : Studies in 2 Timothy : Session 1
Text: 2 Timothy 1

Rev Dr Charles Tan
SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER’S RETREAT 2023 : Studies in 2 Timothy

Message Notes

27-28 January 2023
Studies in 2 Timothy


1. Appreciating the possibility of becoming a more effective Sunday School Teacher

2. Learning to draw from resources that God has provided

3. Applying the heart and mind to the ministry of teaching God’s word

Friday, 27 January 2023

Session # 1


2 Timothy 1

1. The privilege of having a meaningful spiritual heritage

a) Grandmother of Timothy 2 Timothy 1:5a
b) Mother of Timothy 2 Timothy 1:5b
c) The Christian Family is a rich source of spiritual heritage
i) But a strong Christian family is not something that everyone has
ii) Many families are spiritually dysfunctional in some ways
iii) The grandfather of Timothy is not mentioned
iv) The father of Timothy is also not mentioned
d) Nevertheless, there may be good examples to recall
i) The genuine faith in Timothy’s grandmother, Lois
ii) The genuine faith in Timothy’s mother, Eunice
iii) The genuine faith in Timothy 2 Timothy 1:5

2. The blessing of a spiritual family

a) The Apostle Paul as a Teacher
b) And as a spiritual father 2 Timothy 1:1-2

3. Learning deep lessons from the significant life of Paul 2 Timothy 1:8-12

a) Paul as a prisoner for the Lord
b) Admiration for his ability to suffer for his faith in the gospel
c) Standing in awe of the power of God in his life and ministry
d) The dramatic conversion of Paul and his salvation experience
e) The purposeful holy calling of the Lord
f) The appointment of Paul as a preacher, apostle,
and a teacher of the Gentiles
g) The consistently strong faith of the Apostle Paul

4. The Challenge to Timothy

a) To hold fast the pattern of sound words 2 Timothy 1:13
i) To know
ii) To be certain
iii) To be steadfast
b) To keep the “good thing” 2 Timothy 1:14
i) Consciousness of the Holy Spirit
ii) Power of the Holy Spirit
iii) The ministry of the Word entrusted
c) The sad reality of people turning away 2 Timothy 1:15
i) This is not an uncommon experience
ii) Some will drop out
iii) Others would turn against Paul
d) The joy of those who have remained true
i) They remain faithful
ii) They are an inspiration to the heart
iii) They bring joy and encouragement
e) To cultivate the Gift that God has given 2 Timothy 1:6
i) What God has not given is the spirit of fear 2 Timothy 1:7a
ii) God has given power, love and a sound mind 2 Timothy 1:7b