02 May 2021

Sunday School Special : Lesson 58

Sunday School Special : Lesson 58
Text: John 3; Numbers 21

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Sunday School Special

Message Notes


Text: John 3

Subject: Evangelism

Sub-Topic: Personal Evangelism: “Born Again” III


1. The Salvation Plan of God

a) There are many parts
b) Some are easier to comprehend
c) Some a little harder to understand

2. Undergirding the Plan of Salvation

a) The role of the Lord Jesus Christ
b) The love of God
c) The work of the Holy Spirit


1. A reference to an occasion when Moses made a brazen serpent (John 3:14; Numbers 21:4-9)

2. Recalling this story

a) The children of Israel 
i) Spoke against God
ii) Spoke against Moses (Numbers 21:5)
b) Content of their complaint
i) Why were they led out of Egypt?
The choice was left to the children of Israel to leave Egypt
Or to stay as slaves of the Pharaoh!
ii) No food/no water
This was not true!
iii) They described manna as “worthless bread”Numbers 21:5
They despised what God had graciously provided!
c) God had to chastise the complainers
i) This was not the first time they complained
ii) Fiery serpents came into their camp
iii) People died (Numbers 21:6)
d) The people then confessed
i) They had sinned 
ii) They had spoken against the Lord
iii) They had spoken against Moses (Numbers 21:7a)
e) Desperate plea to Moses
i) To pray to God on their behalf
ii) That God might take away the serpents (Numbers 21:7b)
f) Moses prayed for the people (Numbers 21:7c)
i) As he always had
ii) Moses was faithful to the very end
g) God’s response
i) Make a fiery serpent
ii) Set it on a pole
iii) Everyone who is bitten when he looks at it
iv) He shall live (Numbers 21:8)
h) A bronze serpent was made
i) It was put on a pole
ii) If a person had been bitten
iii) If he looked at the bronze serpent
iv) He lived (Numbers 21:9)

3. What this Story was meant to teach

a) The problem of Sin
i) It makes people complain
ii) One can speak against God
iii) One can speak against man too
b) The consequences of sin
i) Sin has terrible consequences
ii) Punishment may be meted out
c) God’s answer to sin
i) There must be confession of sin
ii) There must be true repentance
iii) There must be the “Look of faith”
iv) It is not the bronze serpent that saves
v) It is God who saves
d) The people had to make a response
i) An appropriate response
ii) A humble response
iii) A sincere response
Their lives depended on their response!

4. The Application of this story

a) As Moses lifted up the serpent
b) Even so must the Son of Man be lifted up
c) This is a reference to the Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ 

5. What the Story is NOT

a) The Lord Jesus Christ is NOT the brazen serpent
b) This must be made clear

6. What the Lord Jesus was trying to teach

a) God knows all about our struggles with Sin
b) Sin will have to be judged one day
c) God’s Solution was to send the Lord Jesus as the Son of Man 
i) He will suffer for us
ii) He will die for our sins
d) We need to have that Look of Faith 
Then can we be saved from the penalty of sin!


1. Recognition of Sin 

a) In our heart 
b) In our life

2. Repentance of Sin

a) Confession
b) Cleansing sought

3. Receiving the Lord Jesus Christ

a) Recognition of the work of our Saviour 
i) He was lifted up
ii) He was crucified 
iii) He gave His life for us
b) Receiving the Lord with a Look of genuine faith
c) Rejoicing that God would forgive all our sins
d) Relating to God as our Heavenly Father
Made possible by the Lord Jesus Christ (John 1:12)