“To Him Who Alone Does Great Wonders”

By Pastor Mitch
June 29, 2016

What constitutes a moment of wonder for me? It would be those special few minutes as I looked out through the aircraft window and was deeply in awe by what I saw (As seen in the above photo). It was simply glorious to behold yet another beautiful setting of the sun. When I look at this magnificent creation, the moon and all the stars of heaven, I can only attribute them to the Lord God who alone can create such wonders.

To Him who alone does great wonders,…To Him who by wisdom made the heavens…To Him who laid out the earth above the waters…To Him who made great lights…the sun to rule by day …the moon and stars to rule by night…” Psalm 136:4-9

Only the Lord would be able to produce such amazing wonders. There is great intellectual design behind all of creation. It was the Lord God with tremendous wisdom created the great “lights” of the sky. The sun was made to rule the day and the moon was meant to rule the night. There is no way that these great “lights” could ever come to being what it is today by chance. The days and nights created by them are so amazingly precise. Only the Lord alone can do such great wonders. I simply stand in awe.


For His mercy endures forever…” Psalm 136:1

What is behind these great wonders of the sky? They exist because of the enduring mercies of God.
1. God’s Mercy undergirds all of creation
The Lord’s mercies undergird everything that He has created. That we can have day and night is a testimony of the Lord’s unfailing mercies to us.

2. God’s mercy also undergirds all of His works

It is also because of the Lord’s mercies that He had done great things for Israel (Psalm 136:10-22). He brought them out of Egypt and led them to the Promised Land where it was meant to be a heritage for them. The Lord’s mercy is also experienced through His looking down on us in our lowly estate, delivering us from trouble and providing food for all flesh (Psalm 136:23-25). The reason why we can eat food each day is because of God’s enduring mercies.

3. God’s Mercy is truly worth giving thanks about
When we appreciate His great mercies, our response is to give heartfelt thanks to Him (Psalm 136:1-3, 26) Let’s give thanks to the Lord God for all His goodness and mercies with hearts of appreciation and gratitude . Let’s give thanks to Him because there is no one else like Him.