Remember Now Your Creator In The Days Of Your Youth

By Pastor Mitch
April 01, 2017


This was a picture taken of the combined children and youth choir song performance at our recent Bethany 4 Church Dedication Service on 18th March 2017.   It was wonderful to see such exuberance being expressed in song and dance for the Lord.  On the one hand, our youths can be focused on using their time to practise and to seek to honour the Lord.  On the other hand, youths in general can be capable of much foolishness.   They can reject God and as a result of this waste their life away.   These were the words that King Solomon wrote with regards to children and youth in general.

“For childhood and youth are vanity…” Eccl. 11:10

King Solomon had lived his life seeking the pleasures of the world.  And as he ended his book of Ecclesiastes, he was thinking of young people and how they were living their lives.   Young people can end up living unwisely thus ruining their life.   They can walk in the ways of their own heart and seek what their eyes see (Eccl. 11:9). They can also be caught up with sorrow in their heart and evil in their flesh.   Young people, if we do not include God in our life, then our youth is truly “vanity.”


“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, before the difficult days come, and the years draw near when you say, “I have no pleasure in them”.  Eccl. 12:1

The challenge from Solomon to young people was to remember the Lord as their Creator while they are still young.   Young people can be so pre-occupied with themselves and what they want to do that they forget who created them.   The challenge is to remember that it was God who made us.

  1. Living with accountability to God

One day, the Lord will judge us for what we have done (Eccl. 11:9).  We are accountable to Him for the life that He has given to us.   The challenge is to fear the Lord and to keep His commandments ( Eccl. 12:13).   We are to be responsible for the way we live our life now.   Let’s be conscious of Him as we go about our daily life.  Let’s seek to live it well by being obedient to the Lord and His word.

  1. Living with a sense of urgency

It is also vital that live our life with a sense of urgency because time will pass us by quickly.  Before you know it, we will be old.   The days will become difficult due to illnesses and we have no pleasure in life.   There would be much fear and inhibitions.  The challenge is to remember the Lord now while we are young, involve Him in our daily life and live our life for Him while we still can.