Chariot of God

By Pastor Mitch
September 20, 2013


I have always enjoyed looking at cloud formations at sunsets.  You never know what you can behold as the day ends with a spectacle of colours and the constant moving lines from clouds hanging in the air, being blown by the wind.   I have often asked myself why clouds float.  According to Wikipedia, a cloud is made up of liquid water droplets. A cloud forms when air is heated by the sun.  As it rises, it slowly cools till it reaches the saturation point and water condenses, forming a cloud. As long as the cloud and the air that its made of is warmer than the outside air around it, it floats.   As I capture this beautiful sunset with these clouds floating by, I noticed that I had captured something more than just the sunset.  Can you see a chariot?   With the sun as the wheel and together with the cloud formation above it, does it not look like a chariot! Well, it almost looks like one.   It is always an awesome experience to behold how the clouds, which God made, continue to form all kinds of shapes and how there will be always be something new to behold and appreciate.


“He lay the beams of His upper chambers in the waters, who makes the clouds His chariots, who walks on the wings of the wind, who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire…”  – Psalm 104:3

The above scene reminded me of a passage from the text of Psalm 104.  God is seen as a great and awesome Creator.   The Psalmist saw God as one who had created great upper chambers where water is stored.   The Lord in all His majesty would ride the clouds as if they were His chariots.   All the clouds in the world would be seen as His chariots.   What a great army the Lord has! The Psalmist imagined Him as one who would walk on the wings of the wind.  The Lord also made His angels spiritual beings who minister on His behalf.   They are powerful angels who form His extensive heavenly host and they are sent forth to minister to God’s people.   One angel is powerful enough to wipe out an entire Assyrian army of 185,000 soldiers (Isa. 37:36). These countless angels ride on chariots of fire (2 Kings 6:17) and they are here to help His servant and protect His people, including us.  Truly all glory should go to the Lord!

“Bless the Lord , O my soul! O Lord my God, You are very great: You are clothed with honor and majesty, who cover Yourself with light as with a garment, who stretch out the heavens like a curtain.”  – Psalm 104:1-2

The Lord is truly awesomely great and He is covered with great honour and glory.  He has created the heavens and the earth and there is no God is like Him.  The Lord is truly magnificent and He has provided for all our needs.  May our soul rejoice in this.  Let’s stir up our soul to give that praise that is due to Him.  Let’s bless the Lord with all our heart and with all our soul.