Daily Devotions


Day 266

"Whoever resists the authority..."

Text: Romans 13:2


This seems to be a perennial problem. It is a problem today! It was a problem in the days of the apostle Paul too. Many believe that they have a right to resist authority. Some even claim that they have divine authority to resist governments. Let us take time to ponder the following text Paul wrote to the Romans.

“Therefore whoever resists the authority resists
the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring
judgment on themselves.”
Romans 13:2

1. Resisting authority

a) Some would claim that they are coerced into resisting governing authorities.
b) They would always seek to justify their rebellion in every way possible.
c) Paul counseled against this line of thinking very strongly.

2. The ordinance of God

a) Paul kept returning to the root argument that all authority comes from God.
b) If all authority comes from God, then resistance to that authority would also mean resisting the ordinance of God.
c) There are serious implications.

3. Judgment on themselves

a) The governing authorities would of course take action (judgment) against rebels.
i) Rome punished rebels most severely.
ii) Rebels were crucified (if they were non Roman citizens).
iii) Roman citizens who rebelled were beheaded.
b) God Himself would have to judge rebels.
i) He could allow the local governing authorities to mete out the judgment.
ii) He could also personally mete out His judgment against those who did not
regard His ordinances.