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  • Sunday Worship


    Morning Worship
    10:30am, Church Sanctuary

    Teens’ Worship
    10:30am, Auditorium 3-2

    Children’s Worship
    10:30am, Auditorium 3-1 (P1-3); Auditorium 4-1 (P4-6)

    Evening-Bilingual Worship
    4:00pm, Auditorium 4-2

  • Sunday Schools


    Creche (Age 6 & below)
    8:30am & 10.30am, Green Turf

    Beginner (Age 6 & below)
    8:30am, Auditorium 2-1

    Junior I (Age 6-9)
    8:30am, Auditorium 3-1

    Junior II (Age 10-12)
    8:30am, Auditorium 4-2

    Intermediate (Age 13-16)
    8:30am, Auditorium 3-2

    Senior I
    (Students age 17 and above & NSmen)
    8.30am, Fellowship Hall

    Senior II (Working adults)
    8:30am, Main Sanctuary

    Senior III (Domestic helpers)
    8:30am, Prayer Room 4-1

    Senior VI (Adults – mature Christians)
    8:15am, Auditorium 4-1

    Special Needs Ministry (Children with special needs)
    8:30am, Auditorium 4-3

  • Fellowship Groups


    Young People’s Group I
    Saturday 3pm, Auditorium 2-1

    Young People’s Group II
    Saturday 3pm, Auditorium 3-2

    Young People’s Group III
    Saturday 3pm, Auditorium 3-1

    Young Adults’ Group 1
    Saturday 3pm, Auditorium 4-3 & 4-3

    Young Married Adults’ Group
    Saturday 3pm, Auditorium 4-1

    Adults’ Ministry 
    Saturday 5pm, Auditorium 4-1

  • Choirs


    Singing Kaki’s
    Thursdays 8pm, Auditorium 3-2

    One Voice 
    Saturday 5pm, Auditorium 4-2

    Youth Choir 
    Saturday 5pm, Auditorium 3-1

    Sunday 1pm, Auditorium 3-1

  • Catechism Class

    Sunday 1pm, Auditorium 4-2

  • Prayer Meeting

    Monday 8pm, Main Sanctuary

  • Bible Studies


    Church Bible Study
    Tuesdays 8pm, Main Sanctuary

    Home Bible Study
    2nd & 4th Thursdays 3pm

    Mandarin Bible Study
    1st & 3rd Fridays 7.30pm, 4th Floor Auditorium