The Son of Man

“The Son of Man” seems to be the favourite term Jesus used,

But what this tile means, many were perplexed and confused.

This phrase was used by King David to refer to mortal men,

What condescension there was to fulfil God’s Divine Plan!


The Son of Man was also “the Lord of the Sabbath” and much more,

Few understood that Jesus was also the Son of God from days of yore.

The profound “Son of Man” described the Messiah given an Eternal Kingdom,

Jesus as the fulfilment had come to give enslaved Man his freedom.


The humility that Jesus possessed is truly awesome to behold,

He left heaven’s glory and was born in a manger dark and cold.

But angels who knew and who loved Him sang His praise,

The sad estate of Man, He had come to rescue and to raise.


The Son of Man was a title that Jesus wore with strength and dignity,

God had not given up on man, despite the fact of sinful humanity.

Jesus had come to show that Man was truly created in the image of God,

Through redemption, Man can once again walk with dignity in the Lord.


Inspiration: Luke 6:5; Psalm 8; Daniel 7:13


Charles Tan